ChatGPT lead to changes in workforce dynamics

How AI and ChatGPT lead to changes in workforce dynamics

09 Jun 2023

How AI and ChatGPT lead to changes in workforce dynamics

In recent times, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ChatGPT have been the talk of the town. This is because of the ways in which it aims to revolutionize every aspect of human experience. It is no surprise then that because of the kind of this technology and how it promises to shape our future – in the next five to ten years our workforce dynamics promise to look fundamentally different. This is also because of some of the latest offerings from technology over the past few years, like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotic works, and the latest ChatGPT.

How will the workplace and workforce shape in the future?

How we work in the future will lead the change by being datafied and digitalized.

The vision is that our, workplace, our working processes, and our products will be smart and augmented. We look forward to a future with an augmented workforce. Let us understand what we mean by augmented workforce. According to the white paper published by the World Economic Forum, the fourth industrial revolution is transforming the relationship between technology and human beings. The term “augmentation” refers to the use of technology to simultaneously support people’s empowerment and engagement, increase productivity, and drive excellence across operations and business processes.

In this Augmented Workforce, the traditional way of decision making which is based on experience and expertise is enhanced by data-driven decision-making. This ensures that we project high productivity in all spheres of work across verticals. This newer approach to the workforce will be aided by datafication and digitalization. The use of big data has already revolutionized every aspect of our human experience and it has been influencing how we function and work and has enhanced the human experience in every sphere. Datafication on the other hand is the process of making a business data-driven – by transforming social action and qualified data. Therefore Datafication and Digitalization is the catalyst for the Future of Work that will determine the dynamics at play in the workforce. Furthermore, the future workforce will be analytics-enabled, which means that all processes and decision-making will be based on analytics. How analytics enhances the force is that it enables organizations to sense opportunities. Sensing opportunities means developing smoother work processes and leveraging future business opportunities. This analytics-driven organization and workforce will not make decisions based on descriptive experience, but instead, it will be made on predictive analysis – that makes the shape of the workplace and workforce futuristic.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

The ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings is what is known as Artificial Intelligence. What Artificial Intelligence (AI) essentially does is that it makes life much easier and effortless by automating actions and by making processes more efficient, even learning things from our day-to-day living experience that we often don’t even notice.

The most significant shift in our living experience is in how we view, value, and monetize data and information based on data-driven decision-making. AI will create an extraordinary change in how we view, buy, and monetize this significant data for transmission. This will revolutionize workplace culture by enhanced data-driven decision-making. Along with this AI will enable real-time insights into information and data that was earlier unknown to us, thus making the workforce agile and transformative in its nature.

These real-time insights aid in the development of streaming analytics, edge analytics, and other innovations that help to make it possible to have effortless working processes. These further enable responsiveness that ranges from providing optimal customer experience in service industries to life-saving emergency responses in healthcare and other emergency services.

Some of how AI and ChatGPT-driven workforce will significantly enhance our workplace culture.  

- Finding, hiring, and retaining talent will see an extraordinary evolution. AI and ChatGPT will make hiring talent effortless by streaming the right candidate for the right job – this will be based on predictive decision-making based on effortless analytics and big data.

- We will experience a seamless collaboration amongst staff. AI will make workforce culture much more agile, where work will be based on decision driven on analytics, and data.

- Intelligent remote working – because the technology is thus powered with automated scenarios and driven by big data and AI. It will make remote working effortless, intelligent, and conducive to growth and prosperity.

- Enhanced productivity – workforce in the future with the advent of AI and ChatGPT will increase productivity amongst all verticals of the workforce. Thus making the workforce function very differently in the next five to ten years.

- Smart Work Culture – Since the workforce, with the advent of AI and ChatGPT, will be forced to identify with a smart work culture. We will experience a workforce that is used to a datafied and digitalized workplace functioning on the latest technology of augmented human understanding.

For quite some time now, we have debated choosing between ‘humans or computers’. But now the question has shifted to being ‘humans and computers.’ Both humans and computers will work together in tandem and be involved in a complex system aided by augmentation and automation that will ultimately aim to advance the industry and foster the future workforce toward prosperity.

Thus the foreseeable future looks highly promising with the advent of AI, as its uses will not involve computers replacing people but instead will have people and computers working together in harmony, and together, they will constitute something that is called –

‘Superminds” to do both cognitive work as well as physical work that was not possible to do before. Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are therefore the future of a revolutionized workforce culture in the world.

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