Process Optimization in the Backend Delivery Operation

24 Apr 2016

Process optimization is the need of the hour in the competitive market be it any sector from Information technology to manufacturing. The process workflow has to be evolving from day to day operation for best optimization, as rightly said by Mr Masaaki Imai who came up with the concept called “Kaizen” for continuous improvement, which was one of the major setback, which has helped Japan to be named as the developed country among the others well established countries after the Second World War. The theory clearly specifics the contribution of all the employees from upper management to cleaning crew. 

I saw the need to implement best process for delivery operation which had the major role in every organization. 

In my earlier days I has served and excelled in different ventures ranging from IT, ITES, Back-office and BPO services.  BPO+ has been uniquely focussing on delivering experience to global brands through technology, analytics and back office resulting in improved consumer experiences. Company has also been stressing upon the process oriented methodology than result oriented methodology which has helped company achieve milestones. BPO+ has seen an acceleration in the substantial revenue from 0.5 USD Million to 30+ USD Million in 7 years with work force expanding from 45 to 1000. I believe in equal opportunity for all employee and equal accountability for the all the work undergone, most of all he emphasizes on maintaining a balanced work and personal life, which has helped in employee satisfaction and better productivity.

Some of the process followed by BPO+ to improve the efficiency are:- 

• Total Quality Management

I stressed upon total quality management activity for any of the deliverables done. The idea of the TQM was to achieve a continuous improvement over the identified process and keep evolving over the time with regards to quality and efficiency terminologies. As there is no particular benchmark for the quality management, TQM draws from the previous methodology for continuous improvement.


• Operational Procedures

For any organization to excel Operational Procedures are very much essential. Documentation is one of the aspect which helps in tracking and understanding of the whole process and analyse scope for efficiency improvement. With Operational Procedures it also helps in reducing the risk mitigation and helps in reducing loss for the company


• Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering focusses again on continuous improvement with up-gradation of the process at regular intervals. BPR is also called as the process on rethinking and redesigning the workflow for finer output. The methodology follows a “top-down” approach to achieve efficiency and optimization in the organizational process. The benefit of the process in that it helps in improve the customer service and cut operational costs.

These are some of the process among others undergone for better efficiency with a goal to 

➢ Minimize the effort required for any process

➢ Maximize the benchmark output with continuous improvement

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