Trends, shaping the future of Digital Marketing

13 Mar 2018

The 21st century is the era of digitalization. Our daily life already connects with digital technologies. Our personal life to professional life, our job to business is completely connected with the digital world. From last decade digital industry grows at a very fast rate. There is no denying the importance of digital platforms.

Digital advertising today is now more sophisticated, personalized, and relevant. Consumers spend more time online than ever before and digital advertising offers an ideal way to reach multi-device, multi-channel consumers. Marketers are also able to target consumers with laser-focused precision as never before. Brands are no longer limited to just demographics and firmographics but can target the exact audience most likely to purchase based on thousands of lifestyle, personality, behaviors, and purchase intent segmentation variables.

There are mainly four trends and technologies which are shaping the future digital marketing trends. Those are Infographic, Artificial Intelligence, Face Tracking Technologies and Automation. Below we are elaborating those things.


Infographic has become an important part of the digital and social world. Indeed, Cisco Systems predicts that visual media will account for more than 80 percent of internet traffic by 2019. Images, infographics, and GIFs for short, long and live video, visual content drives engagement and message recall with social media.

To praise the developing impact of visual media on the web and its accumulation of a huge number of infographic, pictures, stock photography and other graphics in the commercial center what's on the horizon for symbolism. While a year ago's patterns were a play on nature, the duality of being connected to and unplugged and the components, the current year's patterns are somewhat edgier and driven by the advancement of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

Publicizing and advertising stages, particularly have begun to profit by AI in their own specific manners, and will incorporate AI into their standard procedures to do the math considerably speedier by inferring bits of knowledge that will be utilized to better target and comprehend the end clients.

The possibility of Artificial Intelligence or also known as AI has been discussed for a couple of decades, and from motion pictures to amusements, has now discovered a place in the standard organizations. While PCs can at present not begin to plot a topple of mankind, but rather through AI, they are extremely well starting to comprehend people in a way that is superior to anything that we comprehend about ourselves.

Face Tracking Technologies

Facial Tracking Technologies is something that the majority of us underestimate. We calmly saw that our cell phones now sort out photographs by individuals, or that Facebook some way or another dependably knows the correct companions to tag. Yet, as of not long ago, a great many people haven't understood that this innovation is to a lesser extent a "cool trap" and will very shape the way we work together in the following five to ten years.

Facial Tracking Technology is as of now being tried out in a wide range of businesses for immensely extraordinary purposes. For instance, security scanners at the airplane terminal utilize it to permit e-international ID holders to clear traditions all the more effectively; as facial acknowledgment enhances, Customs and Border Protection will have the capacity to weed out explorers with counterfeit travel papers all the more effortlessly. Likewise, facial acknowledgment is currently being taken off to advance government offices and organizations that require an abnormal state of trusted status.


As per studies, in 2018 AI and computerization innovation will take control over the fate of online business to the following level. Not exclusively will mechanize conveyance shape the fate of future digital marketing world. However, the whole digital marketing job will be outsourced to keen gadgets. That implies the way toward "chasing, arranging and obtaining" an item will be AI-controlled.

E-commerce business organizations are as of now going about as an individual shopping-colleague via naturally including items you may like in light of your customer conduct and shopping history to your virtual closet and enable you to locate the best arrangements. As buyer desires rise, it is significantly more vital to guarantee a coordinated shopping knowledge.

The advanced business is certain to develop and change, likely considerably more in the following ten years than it did in the most recent decade. Familiarity with the most persisting patterns in will empowers you to viably convey important advertisements keeping in mind the end goal to target purchasers while associating intensive information with whatever new innovations are accessible. There are such a large number of web patterns reports out there, including some intently watched reports about the tech business, and the vast majority of them underscore the development of versatile this year. Portable makes up the finished portion of the web activity.

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