The future of ICT in Qatar

23 Sep 2015

 Qatar has opened its gates to entrepreneurs and this has led to a new confidence in business and shown a new growth path for many in the region. IT has played a big role in the change in the economy of Qatar and made it move from its dependence on hydrocarbon revenues to encouraging more non-hydrocarbon businesses. The bid for FIFA in 2022 has but this small Middle Eastern nation on the world map and has awoken investor interest. The talented youth of the country have driven the IT revolution and have started various entrepreneurial ventures that have gained prominence in the world market and gained the interest of giants like Google, HP and others.

ICT is changing very rapidly as global computer users replace their PCs less often, and migrate to more powerful mobile devices. Tomorrow’s greatest opportunities are likely to be in growth of software to develop the maximum potential from each device, and link the world together in more efficient and effective ways. Expect rapid growth in all products, software and other services relating to security – whether remote storage, or preventing cyber-attacks, hacking and so on.

The 2015 National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy will lead bold efforts to improve access to information and increase effectiveness of public services. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) convened a roundtable discussion -“Smart and Sustainable Cities in Qatar” -inviting representatives of organizations involved in making smart cities a reality, including service providers, government agencies, the private sector, and other large organizations.

The continued and rapid evolution of ICT in Qatar requires policies and programs that encourage and facilitate growth through transparency and fairness. It also requires a state-of-the art communications infrastructure that enables businesses and individuals to easily implement and utilize new technologies as well as sophisticated security measures to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Qatar’s economy has reaped the rewards of these efforts, with broadband connectivity among businesses increasing by 20 percentage points since 2008. And the country is ranked in the top third of countries for “ease of doing business,” based on the World Bank’s index. An effective market driver of ICT usage and adoption has been government. Qatar is ranked third in the world for ICT government readiness, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report 2009–10.


The future is about convergence and divergence. The industry trend is for companies, products and services to converge – but many of the most important future innovations in ICT will be divergent: doing things differently to serve customers better.

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