Tech and Women in the Middle East

16 Aug 2015

Coders are the backbone of any tech company and innovation and today there are many women who are getting into the coding world. The world that is dominated with terms like geek or nerd today welcomes a whole host of female programmers. This is a change that can be seen all across the world. In Latin America, USA and even the Eastern nations, there is a rise in the number of girls who are looking at coding as a future employment. The newest sets of nations to add to this group of growing super coders are the Middle Eastern nations.  The Middle Eastern nations have a whole host of restrictions on women employment and these typically put employers under pressure when they have to hire female staff.

The coding world is different. Teams can be built that are all women or women can connect remotely and work with teams across the country or even the world. This flexibility offers a new hope for women in nations that have traditionally confined their women to their homes. Education is taking a new meaning in the Middle East with an increasing number of women pursuing college degrees and also seeking out work opportunities. Coding has become a new hope for several women who come from nations and families who are strict on tradition and prevent any form of mixing between men and women. Today there are several programmes that have emerge which train these girls to understand and learn coding and also find jobs that help them achieve their dream of independence.

Backend offices have become a way of cutting costs and establishing stronger technical back up groups for many first world companies. While India and most of the South East and Eastern nations where dominating this field in the recent years; today the Middle East is also rising in this space. The young entrepreneurs are setting up companies that develop products and also provide back end support to large IT conglomerates from the Middle East. Training programmes are gaining importance with an increase in the number of students opting for these job profiles. There are several women oriented training programmes today that are being advertised and trainers claim that they always get the maximum response from female students. Popular programmes from the USA get requests today to set up training sessions in many Middle Eastern nations to develop their local talent and train them to become employable in the rising IT ventures.

While it would take a few more years before the Middle East moved out of its suppressive and oppressive mind set towards women, it is heartening to know that there are still opportunities for women to work and establish their career paths while still staying inside the set bounds and limits set by their patriarchal society.

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