Surviving Middle East Summers

16 Aug 2015

The Middle East region has the harshest summers and being primarily dessert the temperatures tend to confine people indoors. For people moving to the country from colder regions, it might be stifling to live through the first summer with the extreme temperatures that dominant the day time. Generally in most of the world summers are the time we spend out in parks, beaches and backyards with the family but in the Middle East, summers are more of an indoor time.

For people spending their first summer in the region or for visitors who are spending the summer here then you might need a few tips to survive the season, such as

Avoid clothes made from manmade fibres like nylon or rayon

 Keep a spray bottle in the fridge and give yourself a good squirt to cool down fast

Wear a moisturiser with SPF on the exposed skin every day, even if you inside the house sitting near a window

Avoid going out during the day and confine your shopping outings to the evenings

If you must visit the beach then dawn is the preferred time of day

Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks

The coastal countries tend to be very humid during the summer, hence if you are visiting ensure that you are well prepared for this

Check with a travel guide ahead on which places are good to visit during summer. Certain places have advisory to avoid them during the summer because of their extreme heat conditions

A few countries at higher altitudes are spared the extreme heat but their heat still might be restrictive for free movement through the day

Between the time of 12 noon to 3 pm should be strictly avoided for outings as this is the hottest time of the day

Since the tourism takes a hit during this season, there are many nations that are offering special holiday packages with activities and festivals that will attract families. Dubai, for example, has started the “Summer is Dubai” promotion where they offer art, heritage, sports, shopping and family fun in their programme.

Summers are usually family holiday times but the Middle East isn’t the best choice for moving outside. If you are confining yourself to the air-conditioned environment of shopping malls and hotels then you might survive but if you are an adventurous person then the Middle East is best visited during the winters or autumn season.

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