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16 Aug 2014

Qatar is moving towards becoming an evolved and advanced society that provides sustained development and growth and high standards of living to its people. The nation has created a vision for 2030 in which it has created a framework that will help them bring this dream to life. The four major pillars on which the framework rests are

Economic Development

This includes creating a diversified economy that is both stable and competitive on a global scale. This also gels in with the vision to create a high standard of living for the Qatari people. They are aiming to create attractive projects for investment which will stimulate growth that is sustainable. Qatar hopes to create an economy that is driven by entrepreneurs, of various sizes, who will assist the country in creating a global footprint with their businesses.

Social Development

Social development aims at improving the quality of life of all with specific focus on women. They are looking to empower women and make them more active members of the community. The vision of social equality will be pushed forward by creating equal opportunities in education, employment and career opportunities for all without any barrier and restrictions. Similarly Qatar also wants its role to be increased in the economic, cultural and political among the Arab nations. The underlying philosophy behind this is to follow the traditions of Islam with a view of create a tolerant and embracing society.

Human Development

Taking care of their human capital involves not only educating the population by also ensuring that they have access to the best healthcare facilities. Through the education programmes Qatar hopes to create a young and vibrant workforce that are raring to go and become the entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals who can compete with the world. The healthcare system that is being envisioned is accessible, affordable, effective and high quality for the whole population. Qatar as a state wants to provide continued commitment of sufficient funds for maintaining the health of Qatar’s population in accordance with the principle of partnership in bearing the costs of health care.

Environmental Development

Preserving the countries natural resources and protecting the environment is also a top requirement for any nation that wishes to be viewed as powerful and successful on the world stage. The Qatar National Vision 2030 aims to direct Qatar towards a balance between developmental needs and the protection of its natural environment, whether land, sea or air. It also emphasizes the importance of increasing citizens’ awareness of their role in protecting the country’s environment for their children and the nation’s future generations.

Qatar is moving towards a vibrant and more successful future which will cement its place of importance in the Middle East as well as the world and Qatar Vision 2030 is the driving force that is ensuring this dream come to fruition.

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