Some interesting social media statistics for Arab Region

24 Mar 2016

 Some interesting findings on perceptions of people towards social media in Arab Region

- 81% believe social media have made it easier for people to connect

- 70% think they are closer to people due to social media

- 66% feel social media makes them more creating in presenting ideas and thoughts 

- 67% people follow social media for news

- 62% people feel its easier to find a job through social networks

- 61% people feel social media has had a positive impact on society

- 57% feel social media has made them happier

- 41% feel social media helps preserve traditions and habits

- 50% people use social media for chatting

- 18% read blog posts on social networks

- 20% of people spend more than 31 mins on social networks every day

- 83% of the users on social media are on mobile phones



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