Social Ventures in Qatar

16 Aug 2015

Qatar is primarily ruled by the royal family like many other Middle Eastern States. While there is a heavy focus on the infrastructure ventures that Qatar is investing into, it should also be noted that there are an equal number of investments being made in developing the community for the Qatari people. The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development which was founded by Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, who is the father of the current Emir. This organisation works as a non-for-profit centre that has tied up with several international universities for education, science and research and community development programmes. The existence of this foundation has been important for the growth of Qatar as a nation in the spheres of politics, economics and culture.

Qatar has faced many challenges in the past in setting up relevant skill development and education programmes. Since the inception of this foundation there has been a focussed effort in creating programmes that would make their country competitive in the global platform. The joint partnerships created by the foundation have been in the areas of design, information technologies and communication technologies. One of the biggest firms to emerge since the formation of the foundation is Pragmatech, a firm that has established itself in the digital market for its text processing, document summarizing and referencing software.

In the education space the Qatar Foundation has established partnerships with several giants in the education field including Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University and Texas A&M to name a few. Many of these universities have also established branch campuses in Qatar. In its efforts to promote education, the foundation also sponsors the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), which is global forum that bring together leaders and thinkers from the world of education.

Innovation and technology also have received their fair share of attention from the Qatar Foundation. It has shown great interest in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology and stem cell research. It has established several research projects with support from international research agencies and companies. The foundation is also focussed on commercializing the research and establishing ways in which the results can be brought to market to benefit a wider population. Qatar has also regularly played host to many international conferences and summit on health and scientific research.

In an effort to create a progressive society that fosters better cultural identity by preserving Qatari heritage; the Qatar Foundation has established many charitable projects which are actively involved in protecting and education their people and the world. The Al Shaqab is an equine education resource centre. Its amenities include a riding academy, an endurance training complex, and a centre for the breeding and showing of world-class Arabian horses. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra with around 100 musicians aims to enhance musical culture in Qatar.

Qatar has come a long way since it was established one and half decades ago. It has since be a pillar of community development, cultural and heritage preservation, science and technology research and a stalwart for education in the Middle East.

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