Qatar's ICT usage and spending

15 Nov 2015

Over last few years, Qatar has made great strides on digital ecosystem and has been able to build an advanced ICT infrastructure. Government has also been very focussed with a huge investment going into building the digital landscape of the country. Here's a quick snapshot on Qatar's ICT usage and spending

• People in Qatar have access to computers mostly from their homes, followed by their workplace and another person’s home; internet access preferences are similar, but people also want “on-the-go” connectivity via mobile phone or other mobile devices

• 89% of the internet users in Qatar accesses the internet for downloading content (movies, images, music),watching tv or video, or listening to radio or music, and the survey results show a significant uptake of all online activities compared to 2012

• People use their mobile phones mostly for basic services such as phone calls and SMS, but also for browsing the internet, social networking, watching videos, and downloading apps

• Services such as e-commerce, online banking, and e-government are used by a small percentage of the overall population

• Qatari households spend almost three times as much on ICT services per month as non-Qatari households

• At the individual level, Qataris spend almost three times as much as non-Qataris on mobile phone service

• Average individual monthly spending on mobile phones decreased from QAR 417 in 2010 to QAR 292 in 2015

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