Qatar: National Development Strategy

11 Apr 2016

As Qatar sets its eyes on an ambitious vision, the National Development Strategy (NDS) is the vehicle that will take it there, helping Qatar achieve the goals that are unheard of. Here's a quick snapshot of NDS

Driving Sustainable Growth and Modernization

A main goal of the National Development Strategy is to lay out the framework for Qatar’s growth, a long-term plan for sustainability: both economically and environmentally seeking steady rise of Qatar's economy. 

Empowering Qatari Citizens to Shape Their Tomorrow

The NDS has a focus on bolstering the education system and improving the quality and access to healthcare in the country, seeking a more prosperous lifestyle for all Qataris, providing opportunities for growth and putting emphasis on participation in country's workforce

Creating a People-Centered Strategy

NDS is based on the expertise, ideas, needs and dreams of all segments of Qatari society, from government departments and ministries, to civil society institutions, academia, the private sector and ordinary citizens.

Building on Qatar’s Rich Past to Reach its Ambitions

It emphasizes on upholding Qatar’s culture, in terms of encouraging a tolerant society dedicated to the Islamic values of community, charity and justice as well as the support of local customs. 

Fostering Collaboration to Ensure Efficiency

Focusedd on the contributions of both government employees and departments and their role in collaborating and sharing information, as well as the valuable input of key members of the private sector, civil society and citizenry. 

Preparing Qatar for the 2022 World Cup Milestone

National Development Strategy will contribute to the country’s efforts to ensure that the 2022 World Cup is a ringing success.

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