Qatar Airways: Flying higher

16 Aug 2015

The Middle East has given the world many successful businesses including airline services. Gulf network carriers have re-written global aviation with profound implications. They ushered in long-haul to long-haul connections with cost and convenience efficiency while offering new aircraft and premium services. One of the biggest success stories in the aviation industry today is the Qatar Airways. It was started in 1994 and today it flies to over 100 countries from its base in Doha. Over the past five years alone the airline has added many new routes and increased its capacity. Being in of the youngest fleets in the business it has set an impressive record in the aviation industry with its growth.

The airline now currently has 250 aircraft in its service including the luxurious Boeing A380. The credit for the impressive growth of the airline is given to its CEO, Akbar Al Baker, whose visionary work ethic and strategy have taken the airline to the heights it has reached today. It was adjusted the third best airline in the world in 2010 by Skytrax, the independent global aviation industry monitoring agency, and was declared as Airline of the year in 2011. In line with the company’s philosophy to be innovative, the airline operates the world’s only dedicated commercial passenger terminal exclusively for its First and Business Class passengers at Doha International Airport.

Qatar Airways was the first international airline to launch live television on board selected routes, and it opened the world’s first dedicated passenger terminal for first- and business-class passengers — two of many examples of how it is setting new benchmarks in air travel. The convenient geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, along with prosperous oil-rich economies, inexpensive workforce and governments that are conducive to the growth of aviation instead of burdening it with excessive taxes or limitations such as curfews and the inability to invest in infrastructure, have benefited the airline. And despite growing competition from other regional and international airlines, Al Baker says Qatar Airways is well positioned to meet these challenges.

Its bold expansion continues to make Qatar Airways one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world. And that pace is only getting quicker by the day as the airline finds new ways to innovate and remain a leader in service excellence. In a market that is hard pressed with rising operational costs and lowering fares, Qatar has managed to stay ahead of the race and also bring in improvement to their operations. Their determination to succeed is seen company wide and it is evident from their working style that they are poised to be the most preferred airline for travel in the years to come.

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