Qatar – A Happy Nation

16 Aug 2015

Qatar is a country that has grown its riches through its oil exports. This has helped the country become one with the highest disposable income in the world and also one of the happiest nations in the world. The 2015 World’s Happiness Report ranks the Gulf country 28th out of 158 nations, a spot that Qatar has more or less maintained for the past few years. Qatar has ranked ahead of other nations in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Qatar’s high living standards, life expectancy and a lack of corruption make it one of the happiest countries on the planet, according to a new international index.

Sustainable development is a normative concept calling for all societies to balance economic, social, and environmental objectives in a holistic manner. Qatar has been a nation that for the past decade has demonstrated this through it committed focus on developmental schemes that spread across many areas in the nation. Many countries in recent years have achieved economic growth at the cost of sharply rising inequalities of income and grave damage to the natural environment. Qatar on the other hand has managed to maintain a good balance while changing the course of its nation. Internationally it is looked upon as an example of development and progress in the Middle Eastern region.

Through the year 2014, the Middle East has been rife with conflict. Amidst this turmoil Qatar has taken political stands that are true to its own spirit but ensured that their people are not affected by this and that their development projects stay on track. Another big reason for the change in attitude of people is the starting up of new businesses. This has widened the employment opportunities for everyone and opened up avenues even for women. The entrepreneurial spirit has seen much encouragement from the government and this has helped set up new businesses that have helped diversify the economy.

The improvement in access to education also is major factor that has the nation’s people in high spirits. Today with multiple tie-ups with a host of foreign universities, Qatari students can get the best of world education from local campuses. This has increased the number of college graduates and also improved their employment opportunities within the country and outside as well.

Access of all the basic needs of life and living a life that does not feel inadequate leads to happiness. Happiness is increasingly considered a proper measure of social progress and a goal of public policy. The concentrated efforts by the government to improve the nation and its world standing have worked well for the people of this small Middle Eastern nation. Qatar has managed to do right by its citizens in this measure and the proof is the continuing position that Qatar has managed to hold in the World Happiness Ratings.

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