Political environment of the Middle East

16 Aug 2015

Iraq has been at war for a decade now and it still hasn’t seen much respite and it has a long way to go before it achieves any form of stability. The Arab Spring brought to the fore the Middle Eastern people’s frustration with the way their countries where functioning. Egypt, Syria and other nations faced the ire of their people and saw a turbulent year marred with instances of violence. Turkey, Israel and Iran continue to irk the Middle Eastern nations and are viewed with fear, defiance and old adversaries. While the internet and social media has brought together people from all walks of life to join hands in the fight for democracy, there is still a long way to go before these nations can match up with the democratic freedom that many developed nation’s citizens enjoy. Internationally, strategies are being re-thought and alliances shifting as enemies’ enemies become friends, however temporarily. Allies on one issue back different sides on others. The political scenario in these nations has been primarily run and ruled by powerful families in an authoritative environment that doesn’t allow for much democratic discussion. Each Gulf nation has their own set of troubles with each other based on different ideologies and alliances. Bringing in an environment of cooperation and peaceful co-existence alone is a major task in the region as nations have historically fought each other for supremacy.

In the past year political alliances have changed and many nations have regrouped and reconsidered their ties with many of the world’s leading nations. The political class has also opened up economies and brought in more investments into other areas, apart from energy. This has also changed the way the world views these nations and investments are slowly trickling in to usher in an internet era in the Middle East.

Nations like UAE and Qatar are opening up and inviting the west to bring in investments and undertake joint ventures to develop their nation’s infrastructure. These nations are also going out and investing and buying major stakes in retail, sports and manufacturing industries in Europe and other parts of the world. These growing business relations have also brought about a new wave of political acceptance of these nations. The focus on development has brought in a fresh new breath into the region that has constantly been troubled with violence and unrest. Development has brought in a hope of stability and a dream for a future that is safe and secure.

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