Interesting Facts about Job Index in Middle East

13 Apr 2017

There's so much being said and written about Middle East in last few months, sharing some interesting business facts about the geography

  1. Overall, the Job Index has decreased by one point since the last wave of August 2014. In the UAE, the Job Index has decreased by four points since August 2014.
  2. Three-fifths of working respondents in the MENA state that they will be hiring in the next 3 months. Plans to hire in the next 3 months are higher in the GCC, with 37% ‘definitely’ hiring, compared to 30% in the Levant and 29% in North Africa.
  3. Looking at future hiring expectations, seven in 10 working respondents state that they would be hiring in a year’s time.
  4. The plans for hiring in a year’s time shows more positive results amongst the GCC countries, with 37% ‘definitely’ hiring after 12 months, compared to 30% in Levant and North Africa.
  5. 65% of those who plan to hire in the next 3 months indicate that they would be hiring for up to 10 positions.
  6. Over three-fifths (64%) of working respondents state that their companies have hired new employees within the past 6 months.
  7. The trend continues from past waves with most employers planning to hire people for junior or mid-level executive positions.
  8. Accountants (17%) and Sales Managers (16%) are the top job roles companies will be looking for in the next 3 months.
  9. Graduation/Post Graduation degrees in Business Management is still the most sought after qualification in the MENA. This is followed by degrees in Engineering and Commerce.
  10. Good communication skills in Arabic and English is still the top attribute companies look for in a respondent, followed by ‘being a team player’.
  11. In terms of experience, managerial skills are still the most sought after, followed by experience in sales and marketing, and computer skills.
  12. Overall, two-fifths believe that their country of residence is more attractive as a job market in comparison to other MENA countries.
  13. When compared to the Levant region (16%) and North Africa (19%), significantly more respondents in the GCC (40%) think that their country of residence is a more attractive job market.
  14. Almost half of working respondents rate their own industry as being more attractive as a potential employer in comparison to other industries.
  15. Overall, Banking and Finance still emerges on top in terms of the industry which respondents consider to be attracting/retaining talent in their country of residence
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