ICT Perspective for Middle East

04 Nov 2015
With internet and technology getting all the focus in Middle East, here's a quick perspective
  1. With over $32 billion market expected in next few years, this is going to be the fastest-growing IT markets in the world

  2. Smart cities wil catch traction in Middle east following Dubai's smart city roll out. 

  3. Mobile will become the biggest change maker with multi channel strategies catching up. 

  4. Tech will play a big role in country wide security including cyber attacks. 

  5. CIOs will adopt a "mobile-first" approach to IT deployments.

  6. Small screen and low-cost options, as well as rapidly growing demand from commercial sectors, will shape tablet adoption.

  7. Predictive and operational intelligence will drive adoption of advanced analytics

  8. Big Data deployments will progress from "pilot" to "production" stage with most customers giving serious importance to data analytics

  9. Acceptance of cloud will accelerate, with private cloud and SaaS adoption dominating investment plans.

  10. Telcos will further strengthen and "verticalize" current IT services portfolios and build new professional services and SaaS capabilities. 

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