ICT - Metrics, Processes and Rule Book!

09 Feb 2016

 Middle Eastern enterprises are prioritizing investment in various ICT domains in 2016 to achieve sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. Here's a quick snapshot of what metrics i feel should be tracked

  1. How ICT budgets would change in 2016 in terms of their overall size
  2. Allocation difference across the core elements of IT spend, including hardware, software, services, communications, and consulting
  3. Distribution of ICT money in segments such as the networks, applications, service desk, and data centers 
  4. Which ICT functions Middle Eastern enterprises are interested in outsourcing
  5. Middle Eastern enterprises' investment priorities based on their budget allocations across core technology categories such as enterprise applications, business intelligence, and security products.
  6. Factors that are influencing Middle East enterprises' investments in each technology category
  7. How Middle Eastern enterprises' IT budgets are currently allocated across various segments within a technology category
  8. Middle Eastern enterprises' distribution of their ICT budget across various segments within a technology category
  9. Vendor satisfaction ratings for various core and advanced technology categories
  10. Insight into Middle Eastern enterprises' preferred buying approaches
  11. Business and IT objectives that Middle Eastern enterprises are looking to achieve through their IT investment strategies 
  12. Factors that are influencing Middle Eastern enterprises' decisions to select an ICT provider

If we can capture some of these, we could have a rule book for the industry that would help build mature practices and streamline processes

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