ICT Hardware Challenges

09 Jul 2016

 Depending on various reports I have been reading thought of sharing the top five technology challenges faced by the developing countries

1.     Electricity - The presence of low- power hardware with long battery life is a major reason in an erratic power supply structure coupled with electrical spikes, swings, dips, blackouts, and brownouts.

2.     Cost - Striking a balance between lowest cost and most reliable technology is essential but difficult to manage and most organizations in developing world end up giving preference to cost over reliablity

3.     Ecosystem and environment - Products should to be designed with focus on durability, including resistance to water, humidity, dust, dirt, and extreme heat which isnt kept as the priority while manufatcuring leading to low life of technology hardware.

4.     Connectivity - The more connected the network is, the more valuable it is. Most developing countries havent reached a stage of seamless connectivity across various areas.

5.     Maintenance and support - Technology that cannot be locally maintained, supported, and repaired is not sustainable. Transportation for repair, maintenance, and support is expensive.


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