Festive Times in Qatar

16 Aug 2014

Qatar offers a variety of ways to spend the festive season whether you are a national or an expat. The best festivities are during the Eid season, when the entire country is celebrating with family and friends. There is a great spread of scrumptious meals, family entertainment, fun activities for youngsters and other activities organised across the country. Fervent prayers and festive spirit take over the country for the duration of Eid. Most families take outings during this period of the public parks and gardens see huge crowds during the evenings. The Qatar tourism organisation organises special events during the Eid period for locals and expats to enjoy with their families. During the festive season many malls put out special offers for shoppers with giveaways including expensive automobiles. Raffles draws and shopping discount are a common offering during the festive season.

For expats during the Christmas time, the catholic churches in the region offer the festive spirit with special masses and fete’s to bring in the cheer. The local restaurants also do line up an array of dishes for the season and bring in the taste of Christmas with their scrumptious delights. This year Qatar hosted its first summer festival with a week-long celebration. The entertainment included Water Fountain Shows at the Corniche in the evenings and a host of activities at Entertainment City. This included a host of activities for children with games and special rides. On offer were slide skiing, rock climbing and other activities with a team and family focus. The Al Wakrah beach hosted water-sport fun every afternoon. Disney also brought in its magic with stage shows at the Qatar convention centre. The Art Festival of Qatar organized at various galleries and museums throughout the country is the perfect platform for the upcoming talent. The festival attracts a number of tourists and locals every year.

There is special children’s festival, Garangao, celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadan. Children get dressed up in colourful, traditional Qatari clothes, carry a cloth bag and go from house to house, collecting sweets and nuts from their neighbours while singing the Garangao song. These are usually fun, child-centred, public and free events, full of colour and a great atmosphere that are organised across the country.

The National Day, also known as Founder’s Day, is celebrated annually on December 18th. The festival honours Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed bin Thani, considered to be the father of Qatar after his victory over the Turks paved the way for the modern-day country. Historical events are re-enacted and fireworks displays light the sky. National Day replaces a former celebration known as Independence Day, which acknowledged the independence from Britain that was achieved.

Qatar offers some great family experience during the festive season and is the best place to spend a great holiday.

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