Evolving Fashion scene in Qatar

16 Aug 2014

Qatar has made several new forays into the cementing its position as the one of the most important countries to watch out for in the modern world. Even in terms of fashion Qatar has made a promising bid to gain prominence in a world that is dominated by European and American designers. In its bid of acquire greatness in this field of creativity the country has created a new lifestyle vehicle titled, ‘Qatar Luxury Group (QLG)’. This group takes care of the country’s ambitious expansions into fashion, hospitality and development. The first fashion show was hosted in 2012 and it has received a tremendous response. The spending spree is part of a larger plan to increase Qatar’s importance on the world map and is part of a well-planned initiative driven by the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, called ‘Qatar Vision 2030’.

This move also comes as a great investment for Qatar supported by the fact that Middle Eastern women are the biggest buyers for any fashion brand and also the highest spenders on labels in the fashion world. Reuters reported in an article that the women in the Middle East spend copious amounts of money to stay fashionable and are also the largest patrons to the big fashion houses across Europe. The person behind the creation of QLG is Sheikha Mozah, whose own personal sense of style has been the governing criteria for many of the group’s selections and investments. Dubbed as the Jackie O of the Middle East; Sheikha Mozha has left no stone unturned to ensure that QLG gets all the required attention from the international fashion community and media.

Currently there are two priced offerings on the Qatar Luxury Group that is Qela and Le Tanneur. Qela deals with collections in exquisite leather goods, sophisticated shoes, refined jewellery and women’s made-to-measure couture. Le Tanneur is one of the leading players in the French leather industry and houses two brands – Le Tanneur and Soco. QLG is investing into high-end luxury brands across the world based to gain more traction in the fashion industry. They are currently the majority stakeholders in Le Tanneur and are also looking to spread their wings into similar companies. For more details you can visit Qatar Luxury Group.

This exercise has added another dimension to the vision of changing scene in Qatar and its interest in promoting the Qatari way of life and creating a distinction for itself in the Middle East. Dubai has thus far dominated the luxury and fashion scene in the Middle East but today Doha is offering stiff competition and also opening up fresh avenues for new investments into this space. As to how Doha will be able to create a unique and niche space for itself – only time will tell.

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