Evolution of Doha as a tourist destination

16 Aug 2015

Doha as a city has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. They have opened their doors to the biggest companies in the world and also have started a developmental programme that is focussed on wholesome development. This has also made it an attractive destination not just for investments but also for tourism. Tourism forms a large part of the economy for many Middle Eastern nations as their topography gives them little scope and opportunity to expand into many lines of industry and business.

Doha is the shining jewel in Qatar’s crown. It is today a multicultural city and has a sizeable expatriate population. Shopping abounds in the city’s plentiful malls, while the Corniche impresses visitors with picturesque architecture and dazzling views of the harbor. Doha boasts myriad cultural facilities, including the futuristic Education City and the National Museum. When you travel to Doha, you will be amazed by the unforced fusion of modernity and traditionalism. On the one hand you will find skyrocketing buildings housing the most modern offices, and on the other you will see Burkha-clad women on the streets. This aspect of Doha travel has fascinated many a tourist.

Qatar has set up an active tourism authority which helps visitors plan holidays and also offers experiences which are authentic and unique. In Doha you can play world-class golf, cycle along hundreds of miles of desert off-road, take road-trips to beaches, hunt for fossils or get lost in the moment of a brilliantly crafted scene of desert dunes at the inland Sea. Qatari people are well versed in English and it makes it easy for visitors to move around the city. This Arab boomtown has some impressive sights to see. The National Museum, housed in a former palace, reopened in 2006 after a thorough renovation. The former ethnographic museum, now enclosed by the Al Najada shopping complex, offers a glimpse of what life was like before the oil boom. A traditional wind tower rises above one corner of the building. Other sites around town include a clock tower, zoological gardens, the Doha fort, traditional bazaars and more than 260 mosques.

It provides a haven of entertainment for every type of person – the art enthusiast to the sports fanatic. You can also have the ultimate dessert experience in Qatar with a caravan set up for authenticity which is arranged through the tourism authority in Qatar. Touted to be one of the safest countries in the world to travel to –today Qatar is known for its authentic Arab experiences and cultural settings. Like anywhere else, respecting local traditions and practices allows you to enjoy the true essence of the host country, giving you a better travel experience. Doha is definitely on its ways to becoming a chosen destination for both business and pleasure.

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