Engagement Vs Awareness

05 Jun 2016

Was reading an article on what all you should not do while engaging in social networking sites and one of the points that was covered in it is how people have continued to advertise on social media or digital world in the same way as they used to do it on print media.

However the important thing is that there's a huge difference between internet marketing and the conventional print media marketing. Digital or internet marketing is more and more about engaging people - getting people to discuss, talk about things, converse amongst themselves, argue and share perspectives and hence a "Call for action" is a must for all your advertising on internet, whether its through social networking sites or animations/flash on your website.

Go back 10 years and think how print media marketing used to work. The purpose then was to create awareness and eventually lead to sales/action but that wasnt the immediate aim.

Real Estate is one of the verticals, especially in western countries, which has gone ahead and have continued to market themself in the same way on both advertising mediums and havent been able to successfully leverage the efficiency of digital space.

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