eCommerce in Middle East

03 Mar 2017

The past year has seen huge and exciting changes for online commerce in the Middle East. The PayPal Insights: e-commerce in the Middle East report shows that the Middle East’s online commerce market grew 29% from $7 billion in 2011 to $9 billion in 2012 and above $15billion in 2015. This growth was driven by a massive jump in the Middle East’s online commerce population, as well as a flood of local retailers coming online

There are over 30 million people shopping online in the Middle East and given that there are over 110 million internet users, almost 30% of these internet users are now active buyers online. The healthy growth in online spending in the Middle East is due to a number of factors: new consumers purchasing online for the first time; retailers establishing an online presence or increasing the sophistication of their current online offering; a number of major international retailers marketing directly to consumers in the region; and finally, the explosive growth of mobile commerce.

In addition to all these elements, one key determining factor that is leveraged by all the ones above is the fact that it is now easier than ever to get products delivered to the Middle East. Below is a snapshot of where users are spending time on ecommerce in Middle East

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