Digital Media in MENA

16 Aug 2014

Traditional media included print, television broadcasting and radio broadcasting and this has ruled the way information is disbursed to the populace for the longest time. Today with the emergence of digital media, the dominance of the traditional media forms has significantly been challenged. Digital Media in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is still the nascent stage when compared to developed nations but there have been huge investments made into the development of the ICT infrastructure in the region that has enabled a new wave of potential. With the increase in internet and mobile usage and increasing penetration of both in the region, digital media is becoming a preferred outlet for news distribution in the region.

There are a set of challenges that the Middle East faces in terms of establishing digital media in terms of infrastructure, traditional mind-sets, broadband strengths and other internet consumption. But with the emergence of new entrepreneurial ventures that are targeting the increased usage of digital media through simple platforms and apps, the general public is experimenting with the new age development more often today. According to a research report, the expansion of traditional media has seen a significant slowdown in the recent years due to “proliferation of new entrants, fragmenting media consumption, and the worldwide economic slowdown.” But of the advocates of digital media is a positive shift to the new media and the accelerating growth and adoption of this format in the region is a good indicator of changing preferences.

Media consumers have become more complex and evolved and thus the same rule of traditional media players does not apply in the digital space. Consumers have become more active and interactive and do not want a one-size fits all type of media presentation. They like to customize their media steams and only watch sections of the news that are of interest to them. This has driven many changes in business plans and setups in the Middle East that was used to the traditional one-way flow of information. With interaction becoming the key word in the world of the new media consumer, there are several changes that have brought into businesses and government policies to accommodate this new consumer.

The rise of digital media has also given a boost to the trends of E-Commerce and Social Media and in turn driven new entrepreneurs to find creative ways in which they can utilize this new space and opportunity. The region is only now waking up to the power and potential of digital media. Their mainstream media are also adopting the digital route to stay in touch with a younger generation of customers who are switching to the digital route.

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