Connecting through Social Media in Qatar

16 Aug 2014

Qatari youngsters have taken to the social media with a fiery passion in the recent years. This has not only given rise to a more connected society but has also given rise to the entrepreneurial spirit in youngsters who have become tech entrepreneurs. A recent news article observed that more than 90% of IT related buys in Qatar are happening through social media connections. Another study by the North Western University also revealed that nearly 86% of Qatari people are online today. This is the reason why several entrepreneurs are looking to the digital world today to sell their product, market their business and even find new business partners.


The reasons why the Qatari people are choosing the internet over other forms of media is simple – Accessibility. The internet today isn’t restricted to a laptop; smart phones are more often used as companions to keep track of social media. Connecting on the go has become a norm. This has opened up the possibilities to people to create customized offerings in a cost effective manner. Marketing over the internet has given better results and more measurable results than traditional media routes. Thus the new generations of entrepreneurs prefer this form of connection to their customers and vendors rather than the time-tested routes. This has effectively changed the way Qatari’s do business today.


Customers are effectively engaged through interactive portals. Receiving feedback and directly getting customer opinions on a product or a service has become simple and this has helped businesses respond faster and take corrective action. Investing in social media services has given returns that are far more effective than traditional media. With the use of analytics, businessmen can track how their marketing money is being spent and how effectively it has given them results. Feedback mechanisms are working better through social media and companies are able to directly speak to the affected party rather than through many different channels of communication.

Social media has also given new businesses the opportunity to target specific groups of customers for niche products without the common carpet bombing style of advertising that is traditionally practiced. Special product manufacturers are using their time better by advertising to a high potential group instead of the public at large.

Social media today with its easy accessibility, cost effectiveness and ability to connect with the end user is becoming a boon to new businesses that are consumer centric. Old businesses in Qatari are also venturing into this space to keep up with the changing times.

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