Community and Development in the Middle East

16 Aug 2015

Amidst all the strife, development and pace of life sometimes small necessities are forgotten. Refugees tend to scatter across countries and there is a need to create an environment that will foster family and help children grow in a safe manner. There are several people working towards developing communities in the Middle East. Outreach programmes have been set up across many nations to help assist refugees from strife ridden countries. There are several big and small projects being undertaken by groups of people, governments and also social organisation to help support housing projects, set up micro finance schemes, education projects and food security programmes across many countries in Middle East and North Africa.

The many wonderful organisations are working against all odds to establish a way of life that is peaceful and progressive. Amongst the many people who work to bring about a change a few organisations stand out for their exemplary work and efforts, namely – Refuge Egypt, Habitat for Humanity and Think & Do.

Refuge Egypt provides a place of welcome for refugees in Cairo, while their claims are being considered. They have established health and education programmes to assist the refugee families through their hour of need. Habitat for Humanity not only undertakes housing projects, it also helps in repairing and improving existing homes that have been damaged. Even small necessities like mosquito nets, water heaters and working lights are taken care of by this group. Their aim isn’t just to provide a house but to create a home that is secure and warm for a family to establish their life in. The Think & Do Life School in Egypt is making a difference in individual lives, which has an effect on whole families. They encourage people to take up small businesses, become self-sufficient and also engage in community improvement initiatives.

There are many such organisations working across the Middle East and North Africa, in Cairo, Beirut, Palestine, Lebanon and other countries. They focus on healthcare, education and community development issues. They create safe havens for children to have a chance to pursue their education and families to have access to basic healthcare. There are even advanced programmes that offer rehabilitation facilities for critically injured persons. Prosperity of the people is the aim and goal of these organisations and they have been tirelessly working to ensure that people who are caught between the unrest are given another chance at establishing a life that holds a hope for the future.

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