Business investment in Qatar

16 Aug 2015

Investing into business isn’t always about high value stock trading. The small investments also can reap big rewards and if one is smart enough to look in the right place then there are plenty of opportunities available in Qatar.  In a country that growing and changing its landscape, there are opportunities at every turn. Infrastructure projects are the biggest providers for the local populace and also bringing in a sizeable expatriate population into the nation. These are a pick of five best investments that any investor can look to make in this strong and growing economy.

Professional Services

In a growing economy, professional services are in high demand – so accountants, engineers, healthcare experts and other technical professionals are the most sought after jobs. These services can be offered in the form of individuals or as business services. Companies can set up regional offices or local talent can even look at starting services. There is also an opportunity of head hunting companies to start their services of identifying professionals for each field.

Food Service Industry

Expatriates make up a large fraction of the Qatari workforce. And one of the commonest problems these foreigners face in Qatar is not finding their own delicacies. Making an estimate of the kind of population and setting up restaurants that cater to them might be a huge money spinner. Doha is also trying to become the most favourable tourist destination in the Middle East and a good food variety can always add to the pleasure of tourists.

 Building Materials

Infrastructure projects are the highest investments being made by the Qatari government so becoming a supplier of material for these projects is most definitely a lucrative venture. Most materials are imported into Qatar, so you can develop yourself as an IMPEX supplier or you can explore the possibility of manufacturing the same locally.

Handyman services

In a country with growing expatriate population, handyman services are essential and should be easily accessible. Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical and other basic repair services are the need of the hour in all the large housing colonies. Offering these under a single umbrella might be a great way to make in-roads into this business.

Health and Beauty Services

There is growing need to set up gyms, have nutritionists and also beauty services are seeing a growing opportunity today. Qatari people are opening up to the world and leaning more about health and fitness and this has given rise to the demand in this sector.

These are just a few opportunities that are identified and there are many like these that are rising in Qatar and more new businesses are finding a new lease of life in this small nation in the Middle East.

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