Being an Entrepreneur from Home

16 Aug 2015

Women in the Middle East have traditionally never been allowed to step out of their homes to work. A few liberal societies have opened up their doors to women at work places but many still do not have these opportunities. Becoming an entrepreneur from home is the best way for women to pursue their career dreams and also gain financial independence.

Setting up a home office and starting an entrepreneurial venture is as difficult as any other traditional business. In order to successfully run an enterprise from home a few basic rules of engagement should be followed, such as

• Willpower is your biggest support system

We have a finite amount of willpower to get things done. Use it to accomplish your most important and challenging tasks first thing in the morning.

• Knowing how much is too much

Learning to say no also means saying no to yourself – don’t take on the next project until you complete the task at hand.

• Productive habits

Productive habits are formed by committing to doing something at the same time daily, then repeating daily. Start with creating the healthy habit of becoming and staying fit.

• Art of Scheduling

Batching like tasks is a productivity hack that can save you lots of time. Schedule your tasks so that you also leave time for entertainment and family.

• Understand automation benefits

Create FAQs, or a knowledge base for your customers so they can get instant answers without you. Set an auto-responder with your FAQs included as part of your signature.

• Start waiting and perfection will happen

You will learn a lot more from taking action then imagining and planning. If you are going to fear something happening, don’t fear it because of actions you take, fear not taking action.

• Think big

If you think you have the perfect business, you won’t keep trying to improve. It is better to act now and strive to find a better way, rather than wait for the perfect way to do things.

These basic rules apply to any new entrepreneur and in a home environment where there are more distractions than in an office, it’s important to follow and commit to them.

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