Are marketers overconfident when it comes to customer feedback?

01 Dec 2015

As marketers and especially social marketers, customer feedback is of utmost important but do we actually follow something from this feedback or we completely ignore it most of the times. Despite the fact that customer feedback is a very important step in building up your product and marketing strategy most of the times we ignore customer feedback.

A recent survey done by PRWeek and MS&L found that marketers dont make any changes to products based on customer feedback :) The survey found that 70% of marketers say they've never made a change to a product or marketing efforts based on feedback from consumers on social media sites.... Confidence in product, Overconfidence on their own startegy or is it just lack of education in terms of importance of customer feedback?

Interestingly you meet any marketer and they will put customer feedback amongst top 3 ways to engage people and improve product quality as well which means its definetely not lack of knowledge.

In tems of confidence levels with the product it can be argued wherein many a times we have seen marketers marketing products which they themseleves dont use - leaving with the third and only option - Overconfidence in themseleves!

Are marketers over confident?

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