5 technology trends that Middle East is embracing

09 Nov 2015

As per Accenture's recent global technology outlook, government and private sector in Middle East is embracing 5 technology trends which will reshape the entire digital ecosystem in the area. Here's a quick look to the same

1. Internet of Me - 80% of the respondents said their digital marketing and activities are driven by personalization and "internet of me" phenomenon

2. Outcome based economy - Digital presence for most activities is ensuring that everything can be tracked, analyzed and updated accordingly making sure that its becoming an outcome driven selling - Selling results and not just selling!

3. Platform revolution - Digital platforms are becoming tools of choice for businesses as part of their business + revenue model

4. Intelligent Enterprises - Machine learning and big data analytics are driving intelligent enterprises enabling them to build efficiencies, customization, personalization

5. Workforce reimagined - Natural human interfaces, wearable devices and smart machines are extending as intelligent team members

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